College Board: Agriculture & Rural Land Use Unit Outline

A. Development and diffusion of agriculture
  1. Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
  2. Second Agricultural Revolution

B. Major agricultural production regions
  1. Agricultural systems associated with major bioclimatic zones
  2. Variations within major zones and effects of markets
  3. Linkages and flows among regions of food production and consumption

C. Rural land use and settlement patterns
  1. Models of agricultural land use, including von Thünen’s model
  2. Settlement patterns associated with major agriculture types

D. Modern commercial agriculture
  1. Third Agricultural Revolution
  2. Green Revolution
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Spatial organization and diffusion of industrial agriculture
  5. Future food supplies and environmental impacts of agriculture

Agriculture & Rural Land Use

Agricultural Revolutions Timeline: (click on the + for details and click on the writing to scroll)






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Current Events

Agriculture and Forestry Key to Mitigating Climate Change
Forestry experts say it's time for a new approach in mitigating the causes of climate change. While historically agriculture and forestry have kept a low profile in climate change talks, the 2012 climate convention in Doha saw some attention being paid to the important role forest play in landscaping, biodiversity, and food security.
Risk Management Reigns as Farmers Face 2013
The Western Cornbelt is facing a drought that could drive corn prices to record highs.
New Building Designed to Boost Beef Performance
The barns are designed to capture the sun heat during the winter and protect them in the sun during winter. This will encourage them to continue growth.
$5 beef vs.$5 gasoline
Beef prices could potentially reach $5.00 a pound while househoulds are trying to budget on $4.00+ a gallon on gasoline. Experts say this could actually boost beef demand because, besides taking a vacation to New York, they might have cookout which would might include steaks and burgers.
As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs
People in urban areas complain about food prices, but in rural areas subsistence farmers struggle to find a new place to farm; therefore, they struggle to feed their families.
More Current Information about Agriculture in the United States
More Current Information about Agriculture in North Carolina


Interactive Games

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