As the Industrial Revolution had came and pass all over the world, but in China the Industrial Revolution did not come until 1990. Over half of the labor force in 1960 were in agriculture producing. Between the years of 1960 and 1990, the population of China increased during the early stages of industrial. Due to the industrial revolution in China by 1990 the percentage of the labor force went from being 60% to roughly about 30%, and even today the percentage of agriculture is still dropping even more.

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The Industrial Revolution might have pass China when it was in progress, but China has caught up and even pass almost everyone in the industrial worlds. China is developing a faster and constant pace for a structural adjustment. In 2002, China was reported to being back on top in the national economy by the help of the industrial economy. In2006, the industrial values of China was about $ 9.04 trillion in yuan, but in U.S. money was $1.2 trillion going up 57.9 percent from 2002-2006. In four years the increase in China’s industrial production went from 11.5 to a 12.8 percent within those years. Also China has exceeded everyone in exports and output as being number one by doing the following: output of steel, coal, cement, TV sets and cotton fabric, and ranks second in power generation, third in sugar output and fifth in crude oil output. At this rate with China improving every year if not every month China will be at the top of the whole world.

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