The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is the second biggest change in human history since the discovery of agriculture during the first Agricultural Revolution. During this change the means of you can only produce a certain amount of material from skilled workers, into making massive amounts with mechanical work. Doing so allowed markets to expand to far reaching, and mass consumerism. This revolution started in England with the invention of the steam engine and mass coal/iron deposits on the island, making it a self producing industral power. The technology diffused throughout the mainland continent slowly, starting from the closest of countries (France, Germanic states, Etc) to the eastern most (Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Etc). This diffusion to the mainland allowed the world to start develop at a rapid pace.

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These resources allowed for the mass production of technology, furniture, clothing, tools, ETC; allowing large populations to be provided for and sustained with large job openings in new markets.German rural areas began to migrate toward industral hubs for work and markets to sell/buy, and slowly deserted their homes for the money and security the new cities could offer.

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