Industrialization and Economic Development
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Table Of Contents

Industrial Revolution

Economic Models

Major Industrial Regions of the World before 1950

China's Industry

Geographical Dimensions of the Service Economy

Industrialization and Economic Development Vocab

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College Board: Industrialization and Economic Development Unit Outline

VI. Industrialization and Economic Development

A. Key concepts in industrialization and development
B. Growth and diffusion of industrialization
  1. The changing roles of energy and technology
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. Evolution of economic cores and peripheries
  4. Geographic critiques of models of economic localization (i.e., land rent, comparative costs of transportation), industrial location, economic development, and world systems

C. Contemporary patterns and impacts of industrialization and development
  1. Spatial organization of the world economy
  2. Variations in levels of development
  3. Deindustrialization and economic restructuring
  4. Pollution, health, and quality of life
  5. Industrialization, environmental change, and sustainability
  6. Local development initiatives: government policies

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