GeoGreeting (www.geogreeting.com ~link in wiki~)

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Symbaloo allows users to “bookmark” anything with a web address for easy access. For their presentation, students may choose to
link to websites, videos, pictures, online documents, etc. For help getting started with Symbaloo, check out these Symbaloo tutorials

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Create a graphic organizer or “mindmaps” from MindMeister in order to have a neat and ordered presentation visual. MindmMeister allows users to show a clear hierarchy and links between ideas, to add pictures, and to link to anything with a web address. For help getting started with MindMeister, check out this
cheat sheet

ThingLink - http://www.thinglink.com/
~embed on your wiki~Upload a picture/image/map/etc. or find one from within ThingLink and then add interactive tags to outside

Glogsterwww.glogster.com~embed on your wiki~
Most students have completed a Glogster for one class or another in order to make an online poster–usually crammed full of information. However, not many students may have considered using Glogster as a compelling visual aid. And if you haven’t checked out Glogster lately, changes and improvements keep happening to this online tool.

YouTube Channelwww.youtube.com~link or embed on your wiki~
Almost everyone has been caught in the YouTube obsession at one point or another, watching and linking to new videos. Help your audience stay focused by creating a YouTube channel for others to subscribe to in order to check out the videos that you recommend. For help getting started, watch one of YouTube's YouTube tutorials or YouTube's Help.
You can also upload a review video to YouTube and then embed it on your wiki. Check out this channel and specifically the 2nd to last video (Coriolis Chant) - a video to help a student memorize the Coriolis Effect:

Tagxedo-www.tagxedo.com~embed on your wiki~
Want to know the main points of an article or website in a few seconds? Copy the text of any online document and paste into Tagxedo to find the most commonly appearing words in the online document. Your tag cloud can reveal immediate information without reading the entire article.

GoAnimatewww.goanimate.com~embed on your wiki~
Animation Domination-Geography? Create an account with GoAnimate to create free animations videos to review AP HuGe material--and maybe catch a few laughs in the meanwhile! For help getting started, complete the GoAnimate tutorial when setting up your video.

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Advertised as the "world's fastest way to create cartoons," set up a free account with ToonDoo and help review material from AP HuGe. For help using ToonDoo, check out their wiki

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Once you have a free Tripline account, you can create annotated maps around the world. Type in the location and let Tripline find it for you on the map and then add text information and pictures to accompany the map location. Once your final trip is created, add music, save, and share! Or explore other Tripline maps that other users have created and share with others through the APHuGe wiki.

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TimeGlider advertises itself as "web-based timeline software for creating, collaborating on, and sharing history and project planning." Use TimeGlider to easily create interesting and engaging timelines to share with your audience. For help getting started, check out their online help page.

Geography Education Scoop It--http://www.scoop.it/t/geography-education

~use as a resource for information~
This is Mrs. Blankenship's favorite site for all sorts of geography goodness--current events, maps, videos, pictures--all tagged by topic for easier searching when you need it. Subscribe to the RSS feed yourself or just make it a favorite on your web browser. It's pretty rockin'.

Ethnic & Religious Conflicts--http://ethnicconflictsresearch.pbworks.com/w/page/33732001/FrontPage

~source for case studies~
This wiki was built by a prior AP HuGe class taught by Mrs. Blankenship. Click on the different conflicts using the tool bar on the right side of the page. There are interactive games and lots of good information. You can even link to one of them if you find it beneficial for your site.

Class Tools - http://classtools.net/samples/quiz/

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Use the "Arcade Game Generator" on this site to create a 10+ Question/Answer quiz - the generator will turn the quiz into an old style arcade game that you can embed on your wiki. Follow the directions on the screen carefully. Sample:

Click here for larger version



Meograph - http://www.meograph.com

~embed on your wiki~
Create a timeline with narration, images and links to more information - example:

Animoto - http://animoto.com

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Create a 30 second video for free or get a code from your teacher. Great way to visually and textually present vocabulary. Here's an example:

Voki - http://www.voki.com/

~embed on your wiki~
Create an animated talking avatar who you can use to explain a concept or term. Particularly good if the Voki can speak as the voice of an important person that people need to study.

Activity Game Creators
~embed and/or link on your wiki~


http://www.contentgenerator.net/ -- would have to be done at home - requires downloading

http://www.edcreate.com/ -- need to use the free trial

http://www.suelebeau.com/freetools.htm -- a listing of other options

Kodu Game Lab and Gamestar Mechanic (Google these to find download links) - create true video games - has to be done at home

RSS Feeds rss-feeds.jpg
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Do you have a lot of websites, blogs, or other pages that you want to keep track of? RSS feeds can be your friend! With a Google account, you can use GoogleReader to follow those sites; GoogleReader will track any changes that these websites make, so you will only need to check one website to know if there is anything new on all of your favorite sites. Access your Reader on the computer or your smart phone!

To embed an RSS feed on your wiki, go to "Widget" and click on "RSS Feed." Copy the feed link from the website that you want to be able to follow through your wiki.