Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes

Vocabulary Terms
Folk Culture
Popular Culture
Local Culture
Material Culture
Non-material Culture
Hierarchical Diffusion
Cultural Appropriation
Ethnic Neighborhood
Distance Decay
Time-Space Compression
Cultural Landscape
Global-Local Continuum
Folk-Housing Regions
Diffusion Routes

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Images, Diagrams and Examples

amish population map states
amish population map states

The Amish are a part of the Anabaptist religion like the Mennonites and Hutterites and are concentrated in one part of the United States. Most Amish people are concentrated around the Great Lakes region.

external image nfl-logo.gif
Football is an example of American material culture which includes art, houses, clothing, sports, dance, and foods

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHl1asKyJmgyPYbQ3X82S7FnWL53q7i6rSerx1cARvdUqm_7gW_KZbPvOOLA
The Holy Bible is the source for beliefs, practices and values for people who believe in the Christian Faith; therefore, the bible is part of the non-material culture of Christianity

external image amish654.jpg external image hasidic.jpg
The Amish man on the left represents a group of people who are part of a rural local culture. These people live in a rural area so that the local culture can more easily keep the external influences on the outside. The Hasidic Jewish men on the right represents people who are a part of an urban local culture. These people have successfully keep their culture by the construction of tight-knit ethnic neighborhoods

external image 295px-Assmilation_of_Native_Americans.jpg
These are American Indians from the period of 1800-1900 where the United States tried to assimilate the Native Americans into a typical "American citizen"

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTq7gba0A22QFQRQ8ShQx93bFag1X1mAYdpaqpS_UV7bY7YLprxnaTxbgp6
eBay is where commodification occurs frequently because of the Internet connecting the world together.

external image Typical-New-England-Colonial-style-house-with-plans.jpgexternal image 4206A.pngexternal image 196_chesapeake_tidewater_main.jpg

These three houses display the common American housing types or folk-housing regions
(from left to right: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern Tidewater)

external image list-of-fast-food-restaurants.jpg
This exit sign is a typical feature of the American Cultural Landscape

external image de389897e33b95e2eaca587a1fdd6dda_1M.png
Tony Hawk helped skateboarding be recognized as extreme sport and not as an alternative to sports like football, baseball, and basketball. He helped skateboarders around the country use reterritorialization and bring skateboarding from the local culture of California to a form of popular culture around the United States

Image Detail
Image Detail

Just like Mesopotamia was one of the many hearths for the Agricultural Revolution, heaths for popular culture can start from anywhere in the world but it usually tends to be in more urban/western areas

Important Facts/In- Depth-Deatails

  • Rurality can make it easier for folk cultures to keep themselves intact due to the ability to away from the pressures that popular culture brings them. This also allows these cultures to define their own space, to create a place, a town that reflects their values, and to practice their customs unfettered in that place.

  • The Guinness Brewing Company created a plan to establish ethnic Irish pubs across the world to show traditional Irish culture to the world. This plan has now created over 400 Irish pubsin over 40 countries around the world.

  • Reterritorialization of Hip-Hop occured when rap grew out of the inner cities of Los Angeles and New York. Places like Compton, Harlem, and the Bronx became the new hearths of this style of music. These neighborhoods along with Detroit and Atlanta later served as basis for the midwestern and southern hearths for Hip-Hop.

  • Cultural Landscapes are the visible imprint of human activity on a landscape. Fast Food restaurants along a major street, Large football stadiums, and the vast amount of skyscrapers in big cities are examples of cultural landscapes. Ruins of ancient cultures are prime examples of cultural landscapes.

Current Event

http://news.yahoo.com/ohio-amish-leader-beard-cutting-religious-matter-232845934.html This is the link to the most famous Amish beard choppin' scandal. The article gives in depth information on the destruction of the Amish non-material culture

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